The property was first developed by the Simpson family in 1955 when it became a world-renowned rhododendron garden. However, when we bought the property in 2007  it needed an injection of new life into its tired old bones. 

The property is an oasis of an old established garden with mature rhododendrons, camellias, maples and magnolias as well as many other exotic and native species, birdsong and tranquillity, blended with our own creative gardening style. We have planted and named over 100 rhododendrons, as well as naming many existing ones.  As you enter the property the left side of the driveway has been rejuvenated and is now bordered by a photinia hedge and planted in a cottage garden style filled with roses, irises, salvias, peonies and bulbs whilst the right-hand side has undergone some ground clearance and tree removal to allow more development. To help cope with the many dry areas and large numbers of roots, succulents have been introduced to the garden, both in pots and directly into the soil.  As a result of this work the garden now features high, medium and low vistas as well as long and short ones.

The garden’s peak flowering period is October/November but there is always year-round interest as the garden changes with the seasons.