The first part of the track follows the route of a wooden tramway which over a century ago brought marble chips from quarries in the gorge to the Hall Road kiln. It then passes through an open area where English trees were planted around 1900 as part of a plan to establish a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients.

Re-enter the bush through a gate with a sign and follow the track uphill until you reach a track junction; turn left here and continue up hill to the open paddocks. Follow the marked farm track round the edge of the bush; crossing a small stream before climbing up to Pinnacles Lookout. The lookout gives panoramic views over Kakahu Bush and to the coast. This view point is on top of a high bluff and care should be taken not to get too close to the edge.

From the lookout follow the marked route along the edge of the paddock, re-enter the bush and continue downhill over a small stream before climbing back up to the Balancing Rock; this huge stone sits on top of a buried pinnacle. Just past the Balancing Rock is a track junction, turn left and continue downhill along the track you came in on, back to the lime kiln and car park.