This track runs between Darroch Street Reserve and Roto Kohatu Reserve – passing through the Groynes and around Clearwater Resort. Linear walks can be created around these entry points to suit individual needs. 

Starting from Darroch Street, the track makes its way through the countryside before passing the Groynes’ dog park. Be aware that because of the popularity of the park there may be dogs loose on the walking track.

Follow the track as it passes through the leafy picnic areas of the Groynes and past a number of peaceful lakes. The track then leaves the Groynes and crosses the road leading to Clearwater Reserve.

Continue past native bush and shrubs and farmland until you meet the river which can be followed to Roto Kohatu. This popular recreation area hosts a number of water sports including jet-skiing, water polo and swimming.

Once past the lakes, head up a small hill to finish off in Roto Kohatu Reserve. The car park is a short walk down to the right.