If you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature without necessarily putting your body through an extensive workout, the Ross Creek Reservoir Track is for you. Located a short 15-minute drive from Dunedin’s city center, the track runs the length of the man-made lake of the reservoir. The track has two trailheads. However, as it is a loop track, you can’t miss anything along the way, no matter where you choose to start. You will be able to see the 2 dams that hold the reservoir together, as well as the Valve Tower that sits on the lake. The Valve Tower is not accessible to the public, but it remains a picturesque site with the water and forest in the background.

Though the reservoir is not technically a reserve, it is treated as such. Thus, the native bush of the area has been allowed to take over the region, without much interference from human affairs. For this same reason, you’ll find that parts of the tracks do not allow you to roam freely into the forest, i.e. there are fences in the way. This keeps the bush safe while also making the track family-friendly.