Talbot Forest Walk is situated in the Talbots Forest Scenic Reserve in Geraldine off Tripps Street, South Canterbury about 2 hours from Christchurch. It is a 3.8km walk connecting the four short walks that meet up with local streets around the reserve, and connect with each other to complete the forest walk. You can either start with the Reservoir Track which will lead you on the right track of Matai, then cross over to Kahikatea Track, and then up across the Pekapeka Gully giving you great views of the countryside and Geraldine. This section is uphill but has lots of seated spots to stop rest along the way, and then through onto Riddlells Reserve and back across to the other side of the Totara Track, and back to the car park. You can choose which direction to go with the well marked tracks, however, you can get side tracked if you are not familiar with these area, so I would suggest using a trail app such as ALLTRAILS, that would keep you on the right path to enjoy the bird life, native bush forest, and scenery during this nature walk. Ground can be covered in think tree roots through the forest sections, also slippery and muddy in areas so good footwear is a must.