Victory beach is the longest beach on the Otago Peninsula. Over three kilometres long, this massive undeveloped stretch of sand separates the ocean from volcanically formed pyramids. Alluring grasslands cover the surrounding area and provide shelter for local wildlife.

The base of the pyramids are 15-20 minutes walk from the carpark. Take the time to walk to the top of the small pyramid on the well maintained track. The view from the top is breathtaking and gives a good gauge of the distance to the beach.

The beach is a fresh sight after crossing grasslands and sand dunes. It is named after the shipwreck of the SS Victory in 1861, parts of which are still visible at low tide.

Many species are found in the area. New Zealand sea lions and fur seals bask in the sun on the beach, while blue and yellow-eyed penguins take shelter in the reserve. Avoid disturbing the penguins off track and in the sand dunes, and keep your distance from the sea lions and seals.