Winchmore Gardens is a 1.8ha country garden, set among 5ha of original homestead trees, and developed where the original Winchmore Estate Homestead was built prior to 1870. The original trees were planted after the estate lease was taken up in 1853, on the treeless Mid-Canterbury Plains and were planted to resemble the landlords home in London; these include many oaks, wellingtonia and poplar.

Today’s garden has been developed over the past 50 years to enhance these great old trees. Cuttings have been taken to extend the original Buxus hedging along the winding drive, to encompass these many plantings.

From the first sightings of hellebore and snowdrops in late winter, then the colour of spring bulbs, camellias, and rhododendrons mingling with the scents and sights of blossoms, irises, peonies, azaleas, the bursting leaves of maples, perennials, hostas and rose, through to the autumn flowers and changing shades of colour, Winchmore Gardens has something of interest for all garden lovers.