Denniston Mine -Westport

Denniston Mine

Hi everyone, sorry it has been so long for a npost, but I have just took a few days off and took time to go to Westport. This is an historic area and one of the places I visited while in Westport was the Denniston Mine which is only 18kms north of Westport and is well signposted and only takes about an hour to reach the top. Just to let you know the road to the lower section is closed but if you take the road to the right which winds up the mountain will take you to the very top of the Denniston incline and mine sight plus the Brakehead track. A great place to visit and have a really amazing explore at how families, men, women and children lived up on the plateau during the 1830’s when for decent mining coal. It is an eye opening experience and with the story boards about the life and work that the community did up here it is a big part of the history of this area and in New Zealand also.

On the way up look out for a few spots where you can stop and get spectacular views right along the west coast on a clear and sunny day. This is a great place to visit both on your own or as a family just make sure that children are supervised as there are open spots around the incline at a great height on to the mountain plateau. There is plenty of parking too. ENJOY THIS AMAZING PLACE!

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