Terrace Station Gardens

Today, I finally had the opportunity to visit a garden which is out near Hororata in Canterbury, it was called Terrace Station Gardens, and the open several times a year allowing the public to visit for a small fee of $10, to wander around the large homestead gardens originally created back in the 1860’s in a Victorian design, but is now turned into a beautiful country garden. There are several lawns, where trees have been planted for shade, others planted for their flowers, shape and are from all over the world. You will find lots of spots to sit and enjoy the sights, sounds and peacefulness of this amazing gardens. The homestead is facing out over the gardens with a main front lawn where you can have a picnic, enjoy and play some activities in the spring and summer sun or find a shady dell to sit out of the sun. There are lots of old buildings that give this place history about the colonial times in Canterbury and the family that started the land back in 1860’s’. To get there it is only just under an hour to get to the home, on SH73 and then follow the signs from the Hororata Roundabout. A lovely outings for all families including children but no pets.

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