Tarn Alpine Walk

Yesterday I decided to revisit the Tarn Alpine Walk in the Lewis Pass which I have particularly enjoyed in the past so that I could have a better opportunity to do the walk and get some different photos in other weather conditions. The day was supposed to be fine with some cloud before turning to rain later in the day. I headed up early in the morning and reached the Tarn just before 11am, there were clouds but that added to the images I took as there was no snow on the ranges at this time. I can honestly say this spot is amazing in any weather as the mountains, and the forest surrounding the Tarn make is remarkable scenery for photography. The track is well maintained and easy to follow and either direction and takes about 20-30 minutes if you are taking photos or resting along the way. I wandered around the right side first getting shots of the views before heading off along the St James Walkway first to see what I could spot, and guess what I could get a good view of the St James Fall up on the mountain to the right falling away into the bush below, also later on on the Tarn walk there were better locations to get a full view of this amazing ponytail fall in three parts cascading down the mountain side beautiful and so quiet too. A must stop for anyone travelling along the Lewis Pass highway, and a great spot to rest, eat and enjoyable this spectacular location in the South Island.

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